A note from the photographer, Jenifer, with Freed Photography:

Delight and Jason's wedding day ran the gamut from very elegant to down-right rowdy on the dance floor. The couple was fortunate to plan their day so they had some time together before the wedding, then the excitement built as we added the bridal party and headed outside for some fun photos...then the family joined us.  Family and tradition were very important throughout the day, with the ceremony incorporating many Filipino traditions.  Fabulous dancing was the call for the evening, beginning with Jason & Delight's first dance with a flare, her joyous turns with her dad, and then the hilarious moves of her brothers.  Delight donned a special pair of wedding "Chucks" and guests had fun trying to keep up with her moves.

The cherry blossom glass panels make for a striking backdrop for Park Hyatt weddings.

I love, love, love portraits taken in front of the towering black doors, the Park Hyatt entrance to Blue Duck Tavern.

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