Have you tried the Waterlogue app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch yet?  Oh my word, I am addicted!  The app is very simple to use:  just launch the app ($2.99), take a photo or select one from your photo library by tapping the camera button, and then let Waterlogue literally "paint" the picture in front of your eyes!  The results can be stunning, depending on the original photo.

Waterlogue won't be putting illustrators out of business, however, the app opens up the door to those of us who are not artists to all sorts of creative possibilities.  A photo of a church can turn into a watercolor on the front of a wedding reception program,  a watercolor of your bouquet can be turned into a beautiful framed piece of artwork to hang on your wall, long after the wedding, to remind you of that special day....there are so many ways to use this app - try it!  www.waterlogueapp.com

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