Wedding planner Julie Savage, of Strawberry Milk Events, arranged a road trip for wedding planners to Terrain, the amazing shop for outdoor and garden inspiration in Glen Mills, PA.  Terrain is owned by the same company that operates Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie so, as you can imagine, the greenery, retail space, and concept is rustic high-end chic.  In addition to home and garden decor, and acres of amazing plants and pottery, Terrain encompasses special event space used for weddings.  And this event space is simply magical!  {Enjoy the photos by Abby Jiu.}

The marketing manager for Terrain is Brianna Alcorn, who many in the DC area know from her days as Marketing Director for Windows Catering.  Terrain is lucky to have Brianna on board!  She knows how important the details are and, together with her team, worked with Julie to roll out the red carpet and impress a busload of discriminating guests with all that Terrain has to offer.  Everyone kept saying they wanted to move in!

Guests were greeted, upon arrival, with a mug of hot cocoa and a screening on the wall of 'Miracle on 34th St.' which set the ambiance from the start - such hospitality!

On a rainy, dreary winter day, the glow of the ceiling lights and the festive greenery created a holiday ambiance.

Terrain is renowned for farm-to-table regional menus and culinary offerings.  Truly, our menu incorporated several courses, each worthy of being served in any high-end restaurant in Washington DC.

Homemade infused butter and jams.  Phenomenal staff!

The bread, baked in ceramic pots, came out hot and the aroma of yeast was amazing - a favorite of everyone!

The beet salad was to die for.  Seriously.

I keep saying 'amazing' to describe the meal - wedding guests would be wowed!

Decor was delicious as well.

Ah, the pine tree aroma!

We received instructions on making variations of vodka infusions - which we got to bring home with us.  I can't wait to sip my cranberry/orange/clove/ginger vodka.

Everywhere one turned, it was a visual feast for the eyes.

Hosts Brianna Alcorn, with Terrain, and Julie Savage, of Strawberry Milk Events.  Love these ladies!

Brianna shared the recipe for the marvelous Orange Marmalade with me - thank you, Brianna, for those 3 jars you sent home with me!

Orange Marmalade 

5 oranges, medium

6 cups orange juice

3 pounds sugar

1 cinnamon stick 

5 allspice cloves

1- Slice oranges into 1/8 inch slices. Remove any seeds. Cut slices into quarter pieces.

2- Place oranges and orange juice into sauce pot, bring to boil.

3- add sugar and spices and turn down to simmer on low heat.

4- Simmer for about 45 minutes.

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